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  Economics: Theory in Action, 4/e

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Ken Heather

ISBN 0 273 67984 8

The multiple choice questions for this title can be accessed by clicking on the link below. If you are not sure how to work with a zip file, click here for instructions.

After downloading and unzipping the file, you will end up with a file named Economics.exe and a folder named Econ95 which itself contains several files. Both the folder and the .exe file should be kept separate from each other but in the same location in order for the program to run correctly. Do not move the .exe file into the Econ95 folder. Click on Economics.exe to access instructions on how to use the program and to load the multiple choice questions.

We would like to thank James Heather for providing the multiple choice program and questions.

All files shown under Student Resources (non-password protected files) are readily available to download.





File Name

Student Resources (non-password protected files)
Multiple choice program and questions
Suggested answers to odd numbered questions
Adobe Acrobat
Lecturer Resources (password protected files)
Solutions Manual
Adobe Acrobat


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