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Author video

Please watch this video presented by John Sloman and Alison Wride to find out how the current financial crisis and its impact on the economy is covered in the new 7th edition of Economics, ranging from the banking collapse, subsequent recession and measures taken by governments and central banks around the world. Changes to both the microeconomics and macroeconomics half of the book are discussed and key features in the text are highlighted to help you in your teaching.

At the end of the video, you will see information on how to use the online assessment and tutorial resource 'MyEconLab', the new Sloman Economics News site and the wide range of lecturer resources.

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Introduction to MyEconLab video

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MyEconLab demonstration access

MyEconlab is a one-stop online location for a variety of tools including a personalised study plan that will help students increase their understanding of economics and improve their assessment grades.

You can access a two chapter demonstration of the MyEconLab accompanying Sloman: Economics 6th edition using the following details.

Username: sloman_myeconlab_1

Password: sloman_me1

All instructors with a Pearson Education Instructor account have free access to CourseCompass and can also create the full version of this course for preview and to use for teaching.

If you have any questions about MyEconLab, CourseCompass, or supplements accompanying Sloman: Economics, 6th edition please contact our email support address

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Animated media walkthroughs

Click on the link to access an animated walkthrough outlining the features of the Companion Website with Gradetracker accompanying Sloman: Economics for Business, 4th edition.

A walkthrough of the features in the MyEconLab accompanying Sloman: Essentials of Economics, 4th edition is also available.

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WinEcon software is produced and authored by a consortium of economists drawn from several UK universities. It is now Web enabled and a version of WinEcon for each of Sloman's books is available matched chapter by chapter.

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Audio animations

The Sloman Key Economic Models audio animations are designed to support students studying economics using one of the textbooks authored by John Sloman and others. The animations demonstrate all the main economic models with an audio commentary designed to help students understand how each model works.

Three audio animation samples are available to play in QuickTime by clicking on the links below. If you do not have QuickTime on your computer, a free copy can be downloaded here. Please note that other players may not provide both the audio and video elements of the audio animations. Additionally, the audio animations can be downloaded to an iPod by right clicking (PC) or Ctrl clicking (Mac) on the download links below and saving the file to your computer, then uploading it to iTunes and synchronising to your iPod.

A full set of animations is available in the MyEconLabs accompanying Economics 6e and Essentials of Economics 4e.

Help with audio animations and RSS feeds is available here.

Date Duration Title
11/03/08 4.05 The Demand Curve
    Play in QuickTime  |  Download to computer
11/03/08 1.31 The Supply Curve
  Play in QuickTime  |  Download to computer
11/03/08 4.27 The Business Cycle
    Play in QuickTime  |  Download to computer

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